Dog Chews – 2mg ea 30ct – Flavor Bacon

  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • Bacon-beef flavor
  • Easily digestible for all dogs

Spirit Peak Organics CBD Dog Treats contain whole-plant CBD oil of the same quality as our human treats. Broad-spectrum CBD oil, at 2mg per piece, makes dosing easy for your dog. The bacon-beef flavor is tested and approved by our Spirit Peak Organics pups! 

CBD oil for dogs dose calculator:

How much CBD should you give your dog? We are here to help! First, always talk to your veterinarian before beginning your dog on CBD. Veterinarians can help guide you in your CBD journey, and monitor the overall health of your pet. When giving your pet CBD, you can always adjust the dose up or down depending on their needs. The following chart is a suggestion based on weight and a general level of health. 


Small Dogs

(5 – 15 lbs)

Medium-Small Dogs

(15 – 30 lbs)

Medium-Large Dogs

(30 – 60 Lbs)

Large Dogs

(60 – 100 lbs)

CBD dose in milligrams 1 – 4mg 4 – 8mg  8 – 16mg 16mg – 30mg
# of Spirit Peak CBD Treats per day .5 – 2 2 – 4 4 – 8 8 – 15


If your dog suffers from severe issues, you can adjust dosing for their needs. Some dogs may need up to twice the amount of CBD listed in this chart for desired results.

Ingredients: Broad spectrum hemp extract

$29.95 or $23.96 / month

Choose a purchase plan:


How To Use Organic CBD Treats for Dogs

  • Feed appropriate amount of CBD treats (see above)
  • Feed treats all at once, or divide in two and feed in morning and at night
  • Crumble and mix with favorite food
  • Use daily for best effects


Why Use Spirit Peak Organics?

Spirit Peak Organics is committed to offering quality broad-spectrum CBD products at an accessible price. The joy of CBD should be available to everyone, and it is our company’s mission to bring hope through an accessible alternative wellness option with zero side effects. 

Experience the potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs without the toxicity risks of full-spectrum hemp oil. Whole plant broad-spectrum hemp oil with nano-enhanced solubility offers full cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles with quick absorption capabilities. 


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