Spirit Peak Organics was born
out of a desire to help people.


Spirit Peak Organics serves people who suffer from mental or physical issues, and are seeking a trusted, natural product to incorporate into their lives. The people who love our high-strength CBD come from many different walks of life. Some are military veterans with PTSD born of their service to our country. Others are coping with trauma—from an abusive relationship, scary accident, or violent experience. Some people are extremely active and health-conscious, and are looking for a way to speed healing for injuries or tame chronic aches and pains.


We’re committed to making life better for people. That commitment extends to our employees, who we value and reward with profit-sharing and generous benefits. And we’re invested in giving to other groups that are also working to make life better. We donate 1.5% of every sale to charities supporting children, vets, and the environment.


PTSD is prevalent among veterans [LINK TO BLOG]. PTSD can stem from a traumatic brain injury, military sexual assault, significant physical injury or stressful tours. Roughly 500,000 U.S. troops who served in the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars over the past 13 years have been diagnosed with PTSD. Veterans often identity as protectors,
so they may be especially self-critical of their struggles with PTSD and view it as a sign of weakness. The shared experience of boot camp and duty tours, and the strong structure of military institutions, forge strong bonds among veterans. Veterans also feel a strong kinship with their brothers and sisters in active duty. Former military CBD seekers have come to the right place.


PTSD can be a result of a traumatic event, abusive relationship, serious sickness, devastating loss, or other stressors. PTSD and cPTSD exerts profound effects on the body and brain—fueling anxiety, pain, isolation, a lack of self worth, and emotional suffering. PTSD has high comorbidity rates with anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Many people face barriers to treatment—they lack insurance, may have limited access to providers, or shy away from treatment due to social stigmas. PTSD sufferers may instead self-medicate with drugs, painkillers or alcohol to find some measure of relief, but risk fueling a painful cycle of addiction.


These customers are healthy, active and embracing life. They work hard, play hard, and don’t want an aging body or pesky injury to curtail their activities. They are willing to invest in products that help them enjoy life more fully. For competitive athletes in this group, they want to stay at the top of their game.

Find support in
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