Winter Aches

CBD and Winter Fun: Surviving Cold Weather Aches

It doesn’t need to be Christmas for the world to look like a Winter Wonderland. While some may be huddled up inside, wrapped in three blankets just trying to survive, you are an adventurer. We’ve put together a list of our favorite uses for CBD when you’re battling the elements to have the most fun. We’ve also got a list of our top winter activities for the chilly days of January, February, and March.

CBD and Winter Fun

There are many uses for CBD, but if you need guidance on how it can fit into your winter fun routine, we can help! Below we’ve got a list of tips and tricks for how we at Spirit Peak Organics use CBD in our winter wellness routine.

CBD and Winter Skin

Our Salve Lotion contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle, which is perfect for all your skin’s winter wants! Our broad-spectrum CBD hemp lotion comes in a two-ounce travel-size bottle. It’s lavender-scented and perfect for your dry, chapped skin left behind after a day on the slopes. Additionally, we have a 0.5-ounce salve stick that is unscented for sensitive skin. Don’t let windburn or even sunburn make you uncomfortable in your skin. Instead, use our nano-enhanced, non-intoxicating, and easily absorbed salve lotion to help your skin recover after a day outside.

CBD and Aching Muscles

Maybe you aren’t as good at skiing as you remember, or that polar bear dip you took has left your muscles feeling cramped and uncomfortable. That’s perfectly ok because you can ingest our broad-spectrum hemp CBD through softgels, gummies, and tinctures to help ease your aching muscles. I find our gummies ideal for aching muscles. They come in a 30 count jar with 10 mg of broad-spectrum, nano-enhanced CBD per gummy! Enjoy these gummies in Green Apple or Strawberry Lemonade and feel your muscle aches float away. You’ll relish this relief when you get back outside again tomorrow.

CBD and Tension

You’ve spent the day with the kids fighting in the car to and from the skating pond. Or you have a work project that you can’t stop thinking about even though you’re out for a winter hike.

That’s ok; relieve your life’s tension with our CBD Softgels. If you want consistent relief, try our Softgel Everday, which contains 25 mg of CBD. To help promote good positive sleep habits, embrace our Softgel Melatonin, which contains 3 mg of Melatonin and 3 mg of CBN in addition to the 25 mg of CBD. Our last softgel is my personal favorite. The 25 mg of CBD also contains 10 mg of Curcumin, which is known to help detox the body and boost the effects of the CBD.

CBD and General Wellness

You want to spend more time skiing, but you spend so much time feeling like you’re dragging. Whether it’s a lack of balance in your life or body, our CBD can help you promote general wellness. For example, try adding our tinctures to your pre-ski routine to help you feel like you can conquer any of the slopes. Or, if you’re someone who loves the gym, why not add the tincture to your post-workout protein shake? It’ll boost your recovery and help you feel more in tune and balanced.

CBD and True Relaxation

You’ve had a wonderful day outside, enjoying the sun on your skin and the chill in the air. However, you’re home now, and you just can’t warm up. There’s a perfect answer to that — a hot bath. Invoke true relaxation by using one of our 25 mg CBD Bath Bombs. The potent combination of CBD and lavender will help you get the reset and relaxation you need to feel like you’ve truly enjoyed a vacation — even if you haven’t!

Get Outside this Winter

Find a Hill

If you’ve got a little fresh snow and a hill, you can engage in some of the best outdoor activities around, including skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or sledding. There are many ways to enjoy this outdoor time, and the barrier to entry is fairly low! You can find a sled or magic carpet at a local store for less than ten dollars, and all that’s left is finding a safe hill to slide down.

Find Some Ice

Regular ice skating, figure skating, or pond hockey are all wonderful activities when the air turns brisk. Get a couple of friends together and play a classic pick-up game of pond hockey, or take a date out on the ice and show them your best dance moves.

Find the Wilderness

If you love hiking, then get adventurous with it and try snowshoeing! Be warned: this is a workout for your legs! It’s intense, but the physical challenge is worth it when you can easily glide across the top of the snow. There are hundreds of trails freely available across our great country — why not get out and try them with something new?

Outdoor Safety Tips

Remember the basic safety advice for any outdoor activity. If it’s not sanctioned or monitored area, don’t go alone. The buddy system can keep you safe if you get injured — especially if it’s below freezing outside. This advice is doubly important for any activities that require you to be on the ice.  Make sure someone is with you, and other people know where you are. If the worst happens, you want to know that help can come.

Dress for the weather! Ensure that you’re wearing gloves and a hat, protect your face and skin from the elements, and even wear sunscreen if it is a very sunny day. You won’t have as much fun outside if you spend the whole day shivering, and being prepared for potential inclement weather can prevent an inconvenience from becoming an emergency.

Find the safest locations. Don’t sled, ski, snowboard, or tubing too close to any trees. Or, if you’re in an area where you can’t avoid it, wear appropriate safety gear like a helmet. Your safety is the most important part of a day outside. Or, if you plan to go skating, make sure a professional has checked the ice before you get on top of it. If you know someone who can test the ice, ask them to check for you to prevent someone from breaking through the ice.

Plan ahead. Whether it’s bad weather, an accident or injury, or just a lack of energy, you may need to be prepared with alternatives if you can’t make the distance you planned. For example, do you have safety equipment if the temperature is lower than you expect or a way to call for help if you twist your ankle? Make sure you have these items covered in case of emergent situations.

Have Fun and Be Well This Winter

If you have questions about any of our products and how you can use them to better your wellness, please contact us.