Supporting Veterans and Environment

Why is a CBD Company Supporting Veterans and the Environment

Every company has a purpose; some are only driven by profit, while others desire to answer a question or problem. The companies that thrive and improve their communities are trying to improve people’s lives. At Spirit Peak Organics, we’re invested in our veterans’ community and building a stronger future for the generations after us. 

We realize this may seem like a lofty goal, but we’re not alone in this drive to improve our nation. We are working to support organizations like The Wounded Warrior Project, The Nature Conservancy, and The PTSD Foundation of America with our proceeds and grow our community using their tools. 

The question you may be asking yourself is, why does a CBD company care about veterans and the environment? 

For Our Children

Protecting the environment for future generations includes the generation we’re raising right now. Our children deserve a world better than the one we were raised in, safe and able to explore the wilderness and open lands. Protecting nature and the environment by supporting The Nature Conservancy is our way of protecting our children and maybe our grandchildren’s future someday. 

An old Greek proverb says, “a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Helping veterans recover from combat is also helping the next generation. Helping veterans helps children in two ways. For one, having healthy, whole parents who can participate in their upbringing is an excellent way to encourage a child to grow into a functional, healthy adult. 

The second way helping veterans helps children is by helping this generation of veterans learn how to heal may be the key to helping future generations not develop the same traumas in the first place. 

For Who Came Before

Whether it was a World War, the Boer War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, chances are you know a veteran. More than 6 percent of all Americans are veterans, and we have had a large fighting force for generations. American military supremacy is not because of the weapons, the funding, or the politics. Our military has stood the test of time because of the people fighting for it. 

The people who came before didn’t have access to mental health treatment. They were treated as weak for experiencing “shell shock.” They were cast aside by our former governments and left to die on our streets. Those are who we’re trying to help; we strive to improve their quality of life. We see what happened to the soldiers of generations passed and want to prevent them from suffering in vain. Our goal is to help stop soldiers’ suffering–whether, through the organizations we support or the alternative treatments we provide. 

Improving the environment and working with programs like The Nature Conservancy also honors our ancestors who worked our lands and grew a nation from the wilderness. We believe in respecting tradition and honoring the natural beauty that is our incredible country.

For Our Community

The single greatest drive a person has is to guarantee their survival. Some see survival as a purely selfish motivation; however, the survival of our community is a major pillar of our beliefs. Building, contributing to, and strengthening our community of veterans is crucial for us, as it guarantees our long-term survival as a people. 

Remembering those who fell is one way we honor our veterans, but it also comes from daily acts of charity, helping the men and women who came home and have to face the struggle to transition back to everyday life. Nearly 10 percent of our fighting force will see active combat during deployment, and the rates of PTSD among those who come home are increasing. People who experience the symptoms of PTSD need our love and support while they cope with their disorder. 

Additionally, there are new and more alternative treatments for PTSD in veterans. We support the PTSD Foundation of America in its pursuit to cure this disorder and help people who experience it live a normal, healthy life. 

Supporting nature and growing a community of people invested in the future of our land is also a pillar of our beliefs. We believe our survival comes from our great land and that we should protect our homeland with the same dignity and diligence our active duty soldiers do overseas. 

To Be The Kind of Company We Want to See in the World

Mental health has become an important conversation for everyone in the working world. One thing that helps prevent burnout increases employee satisfaction, and drives positive engagement with a company is believing in that company’s purpose. At Spirit Peak Organics, we want everyone who works with us to feel supported, cared for and a part of our community. It’s a major driver for our charitable givebacks because we want our clients and employees to know that we care about their health and future. 

Whether it’s a veteran or family member seeking support for their mental health, a young professional looking for relief from the strain of daily life, or a parent hoping to find greater balance, we have a product and a kind ear for everyone. 

Supporting veterans and nature helps us protect our own mental well-being because we’re contributing to creating a better world for everyone around us. So if you’re reading our blogs for tips on surviving being married to someone on deployment or looking for a community to commiserate with, Spirit Peak Organics is here for you.

Learn More About Our Charitable Programs

We’ve written extensively about our charitable giveback programs, so if you’d like to learn more, check out this article here for a full explanation. 

Do you have questions about our charities, how to use CBD, or suggestions for our business? Feel free to reach out and talk to us on our contact page. We love hearing from our readers!