Spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung

As April comes to a close and May begins, one thing is undeniable – spring is officially here. Gone are the short winter days, chilly days that drive you inside, and the grey monotony. Instead, the days are longer, the grass is greener, and we can finally head outside to do our favorite outdoor activities. Here at Spirit Peak Organics, we hope you’re excited to break out the sunscreen and trusty hiking shoes to get out into nature with us. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our favorite activities to do as the weather gets warmer and the call of the wild gets louder.


Does anything beat the quiet of sleeping outdoors? Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can set up your tent under the shaded awning of some trees and truly get in touch with the beauty of the undeveloped corners of your state. Whether you’re in a manicured campsite or back-woodsing, there’s something so rewarding about cooking an entire meal over an open flame.

If you’ve done the campgrounds before and you’re into a little bit of a challenge, might we suggest breaking out on your own and going down the path less taken? Take a backpack, fill it with the necessary equipment to survive the mountains for a few days and a hammock. Believe us; you’ve never slept until you’ve drifted away in a hammock suspended in the granite paradise of the American Rockies or Appalachians.

A great thing about camping? No matter where you go, Spirit Peak Organics has a wide array of tinctures and oils that you can pack in your bag so you can maintain your regular CBD routine. If you’re not sure what product would be best for you, please feel free to ask. Our team is always excited to help our clients get the tools you need to succeed. We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to help you get out on the open road so you can reconnect with the pastoral utopia you need to unplug and recharge after a long oppressive winter.


Not a camper? Or maybe you don’t have the time to get out of the city? We get it! Life is busy for us too. But, we here at Spirit Peak Organics have a deep love of hiking. The best thing about hiking? You’re never far from a trail. There are great paths just outside of wherever you live, we promise! Not only that, but many cities have easy trails and paths within city limits if transportation or time is an issue.

Hiking is a great exercise. It builds muscle and cardiovascular strength and can easily be scaled in difficulty to your fitness level. What’s more, it comes with sights and scenes that aren’t available in your average life, which helps keep away the humdrum monotony of mandatory exercise. The weather is finally nice; why would you limit yourself to the monotony of the gym? Get out your binoculars, local field guide, and best walking shoes, and explore your local paths.

For first-time hikers, we have additional good news. Unlike many outdoor activities, hiking has a low buy-in cost because you don’t need to purchase an abundance of equipment to start. That’s a real bonus for any new hobby because there’s nothing worse than getting your heart set on a new hyper fixation, spending hundreds of dollars to set yourself up for success, and then realizing 17 minutes in that you hate it. So, with nothing more than a good pair of shoes, a backpack, plenty of water, and some snacks, you can head out on some easy trails to discover one of our favorite pastimes.


We saved the best for last!

Picture this: you’ve rowed yourself to the perfect spot on the lake and now you’re just quietly drifting along. You see a family of ducks skimming along the surface nearby and maybe a school of fish swimming alongside you. All around you is nothing but the sounds of nature, the lovely spring breeze coming off the lake, and the rewarding feeling that you got yourself to this little slice of aquatic heaven! Believe us when we say we can’t wait for this either.

Nothing is more idyllic or majestic than floating in your individual boat. Whether it be lake, river, or ocean, kayaking (and its bulkier multi-person cousin canoeing) is an amazing way to reconnect with the nature we most often neglect. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with local waterfowl, fish, and aquatic plants. Depending on your region, you may even come across some aquatic mammals like beavers or dolphins; oh my!

Don’t skimp on the salve

While there’s nothing more rewarding than getting in touch with the world as it was meant to be experienced, there’s no doubt that it can have some unforeseen side effects. Sore muscles that you may not be regularly working out in your city life can be a real pain. Yet, we forget about it every year, too, as we head off into the wilderness to see what adventures we can find.

Don’t worry; there’s no need to suffer for longer than necessary. Those tight and stiff muscles can be but a distant memory with Spirit Peak Organics’ CBD salve. So when you’re done with a hard day of hiking, rowing, biking, or mountain climbing, Spirit Peak Organics is here for you! We’re always interested in making sure that you’re covered for all CBD needs. From tinctures for your campfire foods to salve for those aching muscles you’re whipping back into summer shape, we’ve got the products you need — and maybe even some you don’t know you need yet! So please ask us any questions you may have. Never be intimidated by a lack of information, as we’re here to help you learn what could work best for you.

We always look forward to helping you and hearing your stories of the great outdoors. We’ve got a few good ones of our own, so we’d definitely love to swap sometime.