Military & Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and the Military

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who have served our families and our country.

Did you know that more than five percent of all Americans are veterans? Of American women, 1.5 percent are military veterans, meaning that there are more than two million female veterans in the USA today. That number is consistently growing, as more women than ever before are enlisting in the US military.

As the population of female veterans grows, it’s good to look back on those who came before—those women and mothers who led the way to make room for other women to join the military.

Three Famous Female Veterans

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur is best known for playing Dorothy on the Golden Girls, one of the sharp wits of the cutting show. But, long before she became an actress or a mother, Arthur served as a marine in Virginia and North Carolina until September 1945, when she got married.

During her service, she worked as a truck driver in the Marine Corps, was an early member of the Women’s Reserve, and also worked as a typist. She was eventually promoted from corporal to staff sergeant before leaving to get married.

Ann E Dunwoody

America’s first four-star general, Ann E. Dunwoody, signed up in 1974. She served in the army, specifically the Women’s Army Corps, and had a massive impact on the Army Material Command (AMC). She received accolades and honors for her service but spoke at her retirement of her respect for the other women with whom she served during her impressive 38-year career in the military.

“Over the last 38 years, I have had the opportunity to witness women Soldiers jump out of airplanes, hike 10 miles, lead men and women, even under the toughest circumstances,” she said. “And over the last 11 years, I’ve had the honor to serve with many of the 250,000 women who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on battlefields where there are no clear lines, battlefields where every man and woman had to be a rifleman first. And today, women are in combat. That is just a reality. Thousands of women have been decorated for valor, and 146 have given their lives. Today, what was once a band of brothers has truly become a band of brothers and sisters.”

Eileen Collins

Eileen Collins is best known for her role as the first woman commander of a space shuttle mission. She joined the Air Force long before Goose and Maverick took their first flight and served as a flight instructor until 1985. She also taught mathematics at the Air Force Academy and, during her stint at the Air Force Test Pilot School, was selected by NASA for the astronaut program. She flew four successful space shuttle missions and retired in 2006.

She is highly decorated and respected as both an astronaut and a test pilot. Over the years, Collins flew over 5000 hours and spent more than 530 hours in space.

My Own Mother

Working with my mother at Spirit Peak Organics has been incredibly fun. My mom is a friend, an inspiration, and a veteran. But, while she is all of these things, she is also incredibly hard to shop for when it comes to Mother’s Day. That’s why we’ve created this handy Mother’s Day gift guide for the ladies in our lives.

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Bath Bombs

Draw a hot bath, soak in the poring opening steam and drop in one of our luxurious lavender CBD bath bombs. Experience the height of comfort and relaxation as the lavender works to relieve stress while the CBD promotes relaxation. Feel your stress slip away in the foamy water and enjoy the gentle sensation of this bath bomb!

Or better yet, gift one of these to your mom so she can get the stress relief she needs. Maybe this gift will keep her from blaming you for her newest grey hairs. Get four bath bombs with 25mg CBD and lavender for $24.95, or you can treat your mom to a year’s worth of relaxing baths with our subscription and save 20%!


For the woman on the go, a softgel is a great choice. If your mother is busy, stressed, and in need of a little more balance in her life, a CBD softgel can help her find that much-desired equilibrium. Easy to work into a busy routine, a softgel is a premeasured dose that is taken once or twice a day. So whether she wants to make her days run smoother or find better rest at night, we have a softgel for her.

Our original Softgel Everyday is made with broad-spectrum CBD oil and packed with 25mg of CBD. In addition, our unflavored pure nano-enhanced hemp softgels are great for everyday use.

For those looking for more nutritional support, our Softgel Curcumin combines 25mg of CBD with the wellness benefits of curcumin (turmeric). Your mom can take this once or twice a day, depending on her desired outcome and tolerance.

Anyone looking to improve their rest can try the Softgel Melatonin to improve their nights. We combine 25mg of CBD with 3mg of Melatonin and 3mg of CBN to promote greater rest and relaxation. However, this product does produce drowsy effects, so we recommend it for nighttime use only.


For moms who love to cook or just mix up a great smoothie, our tinctures are a way to get flexible with your CBD dose. Easily added to a morning smoothie, mixed in a great soup, added to a salad dressing, or simply taken sublingually, our CBD tinctures are available unflavoured or in orange and mint.

Control your dosage easily and mix wellness and balance into your regular routine.

Mother’s Day Gifts — The Real Secret

Your mother will appreciate the gift whether you get her a bath bomb, tincture, softgel, or something not on this guide. The secret to getting your mom something she loves is truly just thinking about her with kindness and consideration.

At Spirit Peak Organics, we aim to help veterans and veterans’ families as they cope with the realities of transitioning to civilian life. Showing your veteran mother you care is a great way to help her feel supported and loved.