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Cost vs. Quality: What are you paying for when you buy CBD

We definitely understand what it’s like to experience sticker shock when looking at the prices of CBD products, especially since there’s such a wide array of prices. How can you know what you’re paying for, and how do you know you’re not paying too much?

All of these are fair questions, and we are here to put your minds at ease and be transparent about the factors that go into pricing the CBD goods you want to incorporate into your life. We want you to have the most information so you can feel good about your purchases.

Product Origin

The most recent legislation, the 2018 Farm Bill, puts heavy and significant regulations on the cultivation of hemp in the United States. These laws ensure that American-grown hemp is of the highest and safest quality. Products grown ethically here in the US will come with a higher price tag because ethical wages and work practices have to be observed — but you can feel good when you buy US products because you are supporting the men and women of your great nation. Here at Spirit Peak Organics, we carry only ethically sourced, USDA-Certified Organic hemp to ensure the highest quality, safest produced, best CBD products for you because we want to walk away from your purchase with a smile on your face.

Hemp as a Crop

Hemp requires a lot of sunlight to grow well, and thus the best crops are often grown places with long summer days and are thus often more remote to the facilities that process it into CBD oil. In addition, transportation of the raw product to be processed is a hidden cost built into the consumer price, but that’s why we want to shed some light on these things. (Light… get it? Because hemp requires so much sun.)

There are other challenges that farmers face regarding growing hemp as a crop. For example, as a newer crop, farmers have had to invest in the right certifications to grow hemp and new farm machinery to harvest. In addition, hemp is very fibrous, and when hemp products started gaining larger commercial success, farmers quickly realized that they would need heartier machines to harvest it.

Cannabinoid Extraction and Refinement

While it would be nice if extracting CBD out of hemp were as straightforward as pressing the oil out of olives, that just isn’t where we are. Instead, getting the cannabinoid out of hemp requires a great deal of science and very expensive machines. These complicated machines will use either CO2 or ethanol, and a lot of time, to get the CBD extract necessary for these commercial products you want in your life.

Fees Faced by Growers and Sellers

To bring you the products you use to promote your best life, your greatest sense of equilibrium, and homeostasis, we, unfortunately, face additional costs like regulatory and licensing fees at every level of CBD production. We would love for this not to be a relevant factor, but this is the reality of our situation. We know that you need and want these products for the balance you wish to create in your life, breathe, smile, and feel good, and we want you to have that too. We do everything in our power to try to offset these costs, but unfortunately, we can’t bring you the high quality we know you deserve without some of that carrying over into the price we charge.

Distribution Difficulties

Any product derived from cannabis origins has a complicated and contentious history in America. Cannabinoids have been painted with the same proverbial brush as other cannabis products. However, it is important to note that none of the products we carry here at Spirit Peak Organics contain any THC and will not, in any way, get you high. Unfortunately, CBD products continue to labor under the same reputation as THC products. The impact of that association has led to a great deal of difficulties and higher costs in association with the distribution of CBD oil and auxiliary products.

Even within the United States, the rules that govern how much CBD by weight/percent is regulated. So before your first purchase, please double-check with your state laws to ensure that what you’ve spent your hard-earned money on is within the permitted volume.

Not All Products Are Created Equal

The old adage of “if it’ seems too good to be true, then it probably is” stands in so many areas of our lives, and CBD oils and products are no different. If you find CBD products priced below industry standards, you should start seeing some red flags on the proverbial field. Regardless of your desired result, be it general well-being or a sense of balance in your life, you will have the best outcomes with the best product quality. Spirit Peak Organics wants to associate us with greatness so that you can be confident that we care about you and what you’re putting in your body. We specifically started this company because we knew many of the challenges you faced that led you to seek alternative solutions. For this reason, we definitely want to make sure you have the best products to find your answers instead of repackaging low-quality in fancy clothing.

Are CBD Products Worth the Price Tag?

We always want to be honest with you here at Spirit Peak Organics, and transparency is the best way to build trust.

Is CBD oil/tincture/any product worth the price tag attached to it?

We can’t answer that for you. There are countless testimonials about the positive effects that CBD has had on their lives. The benefits and general wellness they feel while consuming their products can be found everywhere. But we definitely can understand your reticence because maybe you’ve tried everything else and haven’t seen the results you were hoping for.

The only answer to your question is the worth you think you could find at the end of this tunnel. The answer you’re seeking might be found at the end of this price tag, and there’s only one way to know if the products are right for you. If you have any questions, please know you can always contact us with any questions you may have.