Affordable Alternative Medicine for Veterans

Affordable Alternative Medicine for Veterans

Alternative medicine and medicine in general in the United States of America have become unreasonably expensive. At Spirit Peak Organics, we aim to bring our clients the best CBD at the most affordable prices. Everyone should have a right to a healthy life, and our products can help you achieve that.

What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is a range of medical products or services that aren’t generally accepted or available in Western medicine. This doesn’t mean that these services or products lack value; they’re still being examined and explored by the institutions of medicine built in the west. For example, physicians in Asia will prescribe massages, acupuncture, and meditation for specific ailments, and it’s only been in recent years, that physicians in the west have accepted these practices. Alternative medicine includes medical services that have not yet been proven, but many someday hold answers to some of our greatest health mysteries.

Massages are an excellent example of an alternative medical practice that has become mainstream. Depending on your health insurance, some medical insurers now cover massages and have been lauded for their effectiveness with muscle pain, tendon, joint issues, and stress relief.

At Spirit Peak Organics, we support alternative medical practices and advocate for supplementing health and wellness with natural plant-derived ingredients found in nature. Using hemp in traditional medicine dates back to ancient china, but it’s only been several years since American consumers can legally acquire and use hemp-derived products like CBD. Cannabinoids in cannabis plants are now the point of interest of many medical researchers. So far, the FDA has approved only one CBD prescription medicine – Epidiolex; still, the wellness industry is now crowded with non-prescription CBD supplements. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp plant extract that interacts with the endocannabinoid system inside all mammals. CBD sets the hope of the medical communities, and consumers have reported various effects, such as relaxation, faster recovery, reduced pain, better sleep, etc. Still, CBD still has a long way to go until it enters the medical world. It requires funding from medical companies to produce these drugs – that funding is driven entirely by profit potential. If drug companies don’t see a potential for profit in CBD, they will not continue to research and develop CBD medications. When CBD becomes mainstream medicine, there is potential that it will go up in cost significantly.

Is Alternative Medicine Safe?

Not all alternative medicine is safe. While we advocate for greater oversight regarding the FDA and CBD, there is no FDA-approved CBD that is not prescription at the moment. No governmental body is ensuring that the CBD you’re buying is safe. Instead, the cannabis industry is wholly self-regulated. This means that purchasers must know what is in their CBD, how to find a reliable CBD provider, and how to read the reports that guarantee safety. 

At Spirit Peak Organics, we provide COAs for all of our products, allowing you, the user, to feel confident about our products’ quality and safety. Additionally, we use CBD products we sell daily – that’s how confident we are that our products help people. 

One of the incredible attributes of the hemp plant is that it cleans the soil of contaminants like heavy metals and radiation. This is fantastic news for places like Chernobyl and Japan that have large areas contaminated with radiation from power plant leaks. However, it means that hemp grown in these areas is contaminated, and those contaminants can end up in CBD extract. That is why all our hemp products use ingredients from hemp cultivated in the United States.

Why Do We Focus on Helping Veterans?

Veterans Affairs provides services to more than 9 million veterans in an average year. But these services are not necessarily comprehensive and do not include access to alternative medicines. If a veteran experiencing symptoms of mental distress wants to utilize alternative medicine, they have to pay out of pocket. This can create financial barriers to health that should not exist. 

We want everyone to be able to live their best lives, which is why we believe in making CBD affordable for veterans and everyone else seeking alternative medicine. 

Almost 6.9 percent of Americans are veterans, 9 percent of veterans are unemployed, and 6.3 percent of veterans, nearly 1.4 million, are living in poverty, according to While the average wage and income for vets are higher than the average American, the unemployment and poverty rates are higher, meaning that some high earners skew the statistics upward.

Some will complain that veterans don’t need special pricing on products and services, but these men and women have made great sacrifices for our country and need to be supported after they leave the military. Encouraging veterans to seek medical help, whether traditional medicine or alternative, is beneficial for society. A healthy population is a working and contributing population. Working helps with self-actualization, confidence, and self-esteem, which is highly beneficial for people who are experiencing emotional or mental distress, like the side effects of PTSD. 

People use CBD to achieve balance, and those experiencing distress symptoms need to find a way to return to their everyday lives, furthering their ability to self-actualize. If they can achieve this, it is not just the veteran that will feel better but their families, friends, and community. Isn’t it worth trying? CBD’s positive effects on patients with PTSD is one of the most researched topics in western medicine with promising results.

How Do We Make CBD Affordable?

Our brand was born out of a desire to help people. We want to enable our clients to live their best lives. We are a business of people who are veterans, a family of veterans, and enthusiastic about improving lives. Our pricing is low compared to our competitors. Additionally, we offer sales in our email marketing and other discounts. 

At Spirit Peak Organics, we want to make your CBD affordable for your lifestyle. If you’re a consistent CBD user, you can subscribe and save! Get 20% off on any of our regularly priced products using our subscription program. You can have the best CBD at the lowest price around.